The Last Starship Base Builder Announced

Published: January 24, 2023 4:34 PM /


The last starship header image

Introversion Software has revealed its upcoming base-building strategy game, The Last Starship, which is heading to Steam sometime in February of 2023. 

The team behind the 2015 building simulation Prison Architect has decided to take flight on a new endeavor. The upcoming title The Last Starship allows players to live out their wildest Star Trek fantasies, and man their own starship. Building an empire in the vast expanse of space is no easy task, and players will learn quickly that the zero gravity zone is unforgiving and harsh.

Build your ship almost from the ground up, equipping it with the latest technology to power those engines and keep the O2 flowing properly. Without the right balance of CO2 scrubbers and oxygen, you and your crew will not make it very far.

How fun would space be if you couldn't explore and find even more parts for your ship? Well, luckily that isn't an issue here. Completing quests, and objectives and finding spare parts to add to your ship are vital tasks to you and your crew's survival. 

Don't think for even a second you're alone out there either. There are space pirates, just as there are pirates on the high seas, and it is up to you to determine whether or not your ship can handle a tussle with those who wish to plunder your hold. In terms of combat, players will need to prepare for the worst at all times. Each enemy will be different; some might just come in blasting and smashing, while others might show up out of the blue due to using stealthy tactics. Players will need to use strategic wit in order to outsmart and beat their foes to a pulp. 

The maps are procedurally generated, meaning you never know what you're going to get, who is going to be in the darkest depths of the universe, and what parts you might find along the way. There is no set release date for The Last Starship as of right now, but the release window is set for February 2023 on PC via Steam


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