The Last Spell Roadmap Adds New Map, Bosses, And More

Published: April 15, 2022 11:12 AM /


The Last Spell

The Last Spell roadmap is finally here, and with it comes news of the next three patches that players can expect before its release out of Early Access next year. Each update will be subsequently released in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022, and all of them look to have a decent amount of new features and content for players. Let's get into it, shall we?

What's in The Last Spell roadmap? 

The Bosses Update will release in Spring 2022, so within the next few months. Players can expect to see new bosses, a Lakeburg rework, and two other additions that will be revealed later. The next patch is the Hard Map Update, which will be released in Summer 2022. It will include a new map, a new boss, new story content, and another addition that will be revealed at a later date. The final outlined update for this year is the Meta Update, which is coming out in Fall 2022. Unsurprisingly, it includes a Meta System rework, new gameplay content, and another addition that will be undoubtedly shown off later.


This all leads into the 1.0 update, which will signify the end of Early Access in Early 2023. This will include the final map, the story ending, achievements, and another addition that, once again, will be unveiled later.

Want to see The Last Spell roadmap? Check it out below:

The Last Spell Roadmap
The Last Spell roadmap in all its glory.

If you want to see more of what's to come in The Last Spell's future, you can head to its Discord page. Once there, you should go to its sneak-peek channel that's been updated for quite awhile now. Earlier today in fact there was an update, and eventually there will be a repair all button for walls and presumably other things that need repairing, which sounds very useful.

While roadmaps are generally a good thing, they do come with heightened expectations. It's probably a good thing that The Last Spell's roadmap is only revealing certain things far in advance, because otherwise you might get situations like Star Citizen's roadmap that delayed some highly-anticipated features. Better safe than sorry when it comes to potentially disappointing your playerbase, eh?

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