The Last of US 2 Datamine Reveals Cut Boar Hunt, Playable Dance Scene

Published: May 3, 2022 1:44 PM /


The Last of Us 2. Datamine Jackson Boar Hunt cover

A new The Last of Us 2 datamine has revealed a cut "boar hunt" sequence on Dina's Farm and a playable Jackson dance sequence.

The Last of Us 2 has been out for nearly 2 years, but dataminers are still digging through the game and discovering new secrets. We learned a bit about multiplayer late last summer. Now, a new datamine has shown some content that never made it into the finished game.


The Last of Us 2 Datamine Reveals Cool Cut Content

Two cut sequences were revealed in the latest The Last of Us 2 datamine as reported by GamesRadar -- a boar hunting sequence and a playable dance scene in Jackson. The boar hunt, in particular, was talked about in detail in a conversation between Troy Baker and Neil Druckmann.

"[The boar-hunting sequence] was there all -- almost all the way to the end," Neil Druckmann explained in a snippet from Troy Baker's Relater. "In fact, it was playable. We had like a whole... in farm, one of the things we had was Ellie hunting... we wanted to show several days of her living on this farm with Dina and she was hunting a boar."

"Oh," Troy Baker exclaimed.


"And the idea was that she couldn't let go of the killing," Druckmann continued. "Like, she needed to kill this animal and that was just part of her dealing with her PTSD. And it was kind of interesting to get into her psyche and she kills the boar, and it kind of squeals and she hears Joel. It was mixed with [Joel's] scream. And just for pacing and production, we ended up cutting that."

We don't get to actually see the boar hunt in the above video from YouTuber Speclizer. However, we do see an Ellie model with a different hairstyle that was apparently used in that sequence.

The second half of Speclizer's The Last of Us 2 datamine video is focused on the playable Jackson sequence. Apparently, you would have been able to explore the town in more detail (including the dance hall). It looks like this portion of the game never made it past the prototype stage, however, as most of the models are clearly placeholders.


The discoveries in this latest datamine were pretty interesting, but I'd wager they'll be far from the last thing discovered by the talented people digging around in this game. If you haven't yet played it, you can buy The Last of Us 2 for PlayStation at the price of $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

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