Last Month of Humble Monthly Games Revealed

Published: December 7, 2019 10:30 AM /


Humble Monthly December

The last round of Humble Monthly has been revealed, showing players what they are no longer getting. However, if you're subscribed, here's what you'll get for your final month.

There were three games you already had access to, had you bought into this month. Yakuza Kiwami is the remake of the original Yakuza game, letting you beat people up in the streets of Japan in an open-world brawler. Soulcalibur VI is the sixth entry into the popular fighting game series and also caught some attention by having The Witcher 3's Geralt as a guest star. Finally, My Time at Portia is a life simulation game where you need to farm, make friends, and rebuild your father's workshop so you can do commissions and live a peaceful life.


Of the new games, the first is Fluffy Hoard. This is a rather goofy 2d brawler where a rabbit shaman sends out giant hoards of rabbits to conquer worlds, and you and some friends need to team up to defeat them. Chasm is a 2D action game where you explore randomly generated worlds and try to collect treasure and loot along the way. Regular Human Basketball is a super goofy physics-based sports game where two teams pilot giant robotic basketball players in an attempt to recreate the classic sport. Finally, Sword Legacy: Omen is a tactical RPG that serves as a dark and brutal retelling of the famous legend of King Arthur.

As usual, the Humble Monthly comes with an original game that you can only get here and nowhere else. This month it's the rather silly Balconing Simulator 2020, which seeks to answer the age-old question of "If I jump out of my hotel's balcony, will I reach the pool?" I'm sure you've always wondered.

While Humble Monthly may be gone, the new Humble Choice seeks to replace it and offer up a host of games to play.

How do you feel about the last Humble Monthly? Wish it had different games? Wanted anything specific? Let us know in the comments below!



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