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Last Inua - Arctic 2D Platformer

November 25, 2014 1:23 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


2D platform adventure Last Inua has recently been greenlit on Steam and will be available for Mac and PC this December from publisher Wired Productions and developer Glowforth.  The release of the game’s official launch trailer highlights the game’s unique art style and winter landscape. Last Inua will receive new features for it’s PC release and be ready to download for the holiday’s.





The story is that of a  father and son living in the Arctic.  An evil demon wreaks havoc in the North, threatening the three Inuit gods and thrusting their world out of balance.  Father and son must band together using their own unique talents to bring an end to the darkness.

Incorporating Inuit mythology the game creates an emotionally driven story between a father, Ataataq, with a physical/strength based skill set and his son, Hiko, a physically weak magic based character. Gameplay includes switching between the two characters to use their skill sets to overcome platforming obstacles and solving puzzles.  The game also utilizes a lovely hand drawn art style and simple still-image cut scenes.



[caption id="attachment_20979" align="aligncenter" width="586"]Arctic platforming Arctic platforming[/caption]

Originally released for iOS in May of this year the game has received mixed reviews which laud the art style and story.  The iOS version of the game is $3.99.  A price for the Mac and PC version has not yet been announced.



When the game is released for Mac and PC there will be some brand new features for the game. In addition to full mouse, keyboard and gamepad support Last Inua has had some improvements made to it’s animation and HD graphics. In an effort to improve the gameplay for it’s Steam release Glowforth has given the game a refined checkpoint system.  Most exciting is the addition of three new levels with gameplay focused on character Hiko’s magical skills.

[caption id="attachment_20980" align="aligncenter" width="586"]Play as Hiko and use spiritual abilities. Play as Hiko and use spiritual abilities.[/caption]

“It’s been a delight to see Last Inua take shape as a platform adventure for PC and Mac,” said Zoot Neil, founder and Creative Director of Glowforth. “We’ve refined the gameplay and graphics, added brand new levels featuring Hiko and worked hard to craft a unique adventure PC gamers can look forward to enjoying over the holidays.”
Additional news about Last Inua’s Mac and PC release will be coming in the following weeks.  The game has been greenlit on Steam and is anticipated for release in December.

Watch the official launch trailer below:







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