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As the E3 behemoth approaches, we are seeing developers and publishers trying to get ahead of the storm some to help give their game a few moments of sunshine before the marketing monsters start their rollout, beginning with the EA Play event. The latest to join in this is British developer Roll7 who have teamed up with publisher 505 Games to announce Laser League, a multiplayer action-future sport.

In Laser League you are in a high contact sport in the year of 2150 where you are battling your opponent for control of various control points that cover some of the map in a laser beam in your team's color ... while evading the opposing color light beams that your opponent may have activated. With a variety of maps, each also has different patterns for how the nodes you are looking for are laid out. Many of the maps in early footage show have 5 or 6 patterns which helps give the game a lot of variety. You score in the game by having one of your opponents get knocked out, which ends that round and starts again. Beyond lasers, players can also use abilities to eliminate each other or make use of power-ups that spawn on the maps at times to tilt the battle in their direction. Matches are first to 3 points for a point, best 2 out of 3 to determine the winner.

Laser League has a Tron-like aesthetic with the sci-fi feel, the neon colors, and of course, the laser lines with the vertical look are pure Tron. Here's the announcement trailer:

Speaking on the matter, 505 Games' Tim Woodley, senior vice president of brand and marketing, explained why they wanted to partner with Roll7:

We have admired and enjoyed Roll7’s work from afar ever since the first OlliOlli game. When we saw the first prototype for Laser League, we could already feel that all-too-rare ‘just one more go’ impulse. We jumped at the chance to help Roll7 take their proven studio to the next level and realize their ambitions for Laser League.
Roll7's director Simon Benett shared his thoughts on the matter, referencing the change from 2d to 3d and the team ramping up in size:
It’s awesome to step outside of our ‘house style’ to develop a far bigger 3D experience that we think will redefine a genre. The (much bigger) team here at Roll7 are hyped to get Laser League into people’s hands as soon as possible, then work with the community to fine-tune the experience before launch.
Laser League will be coming to Early Access on Steam this summer, with a full release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One coming in 2018. If you want to sign up for the upcoming beta test, you can do so on their website.

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