Warfare 2 Broadside Space Engineers Update Released

Published: February 4, 2022 9:42 AM /


Space Engineers

One of the largest Space Engineers updates ever released, Warfare 2 Broadside, focuses on delivering new blocks, enhancing gameplay mechanics, and reimagining warfare. The overall goal of the Space Engineers update is to "bring you more fun and engagement with Space Engineers, both on planets and in space", which you'd think would be the goal for every update, but hey, it's nice to be told that's the plan. There have been other big Space Engineers updates such as adding crossplay between PC and Xbox, adding the economy system to past DLC's, and the full release adding a major overhaul to survival, but this one adds cool weapons. What are they? Let's check them out, shall we?

What's in the latest Space Engineers update?

New features in the update include new weapons and ammunition such as:

  • Railgun (small and large grid)
  • Artillery (large grid)
  • Artillery Turret (large grid)
  • Assault Cannon (small grid)
  • Assault Cannon Turret (small and large grid)
  • Autocannon (small grid)
  • Autocannon Turret (small grid)

There's also target locking, decoy block changes, custom turret controller block for subgrid turrets, projective drop (gravity generators don't have any effect), large-caliber shell physics, and weapon damage and armor rebalancing. Blocks that contain ammunition of any type will explode when taking damage, as will hydrogen and oxygen tanks based on the amount of fuel left. Particle effects for bullets, explosions, and hit effects have also been improved, as have new graphics settings for Light Details.

There's a new custom start map to tinker with: Asteroid Armory, and a new block: Offset Passenger Seat. Beacon range has been increased to 200 km, and jump drives can now set Beacons as a jump target. The good.bot chat feature has been removed, which may suck for some of you, but for those of you who play in first-person auto look has returned, so that's nice.

New DLC has also been added in the form of the Warfare II Broadside Pack. It costs $3.99 and includes these goodies:

  • Warfare Ion Thruster
  • Warfare Reactor
  • Warfare Hangar Door variants
  • Warfare Rocket Launcher (Rocket Launcher re-skin)
  • Warfare Gatling Gun (Gatling Gun re-skin)
  • Searchlight
  • Bridge Windows
  • Passenger Bench
  • Light Panel
  • Helm
  • Warfare Battery
  • Heat Vent
  • Sliding Hatch Door
  • Woodland Camo Armor Skin
  • Shark Mouth Helmet Skin
  • “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Emotes
  • “Salute” Emote

Last but not least there are dozens of mod API improvements and other fixes and improvements that are too many to mention. If you'd like to read through them, be sure to go here.

Want to see the new update in action? Check out the Space Engineers update video below:

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