Land of the Vikings is a Viking City Builder Coming This Year

Published: August 24, 2022 11:15 AM /


Land of the Vikings logo key art showing off a Viking village and a burning fortress.

A new city builder is about to enter an increasingly crowded genre. Land of the Vikings is a Viking city builder that will enter Early Access in Q4 2022. With Farthest Frontier selling and entertaining hundreds of thousands of city building aficionados, Land of the Vikings hopes to eventually do the same. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

What can I expect in Land of the Vikings?

Players will take the role of the Jarl of a new Viking village. As Jarl, players must carefully manage their resources, survive the Nordic environments that hate them for existing, and enemy raids, which shouldn't be surprising considering it's a Viking game after all. There are also Norse gods that will help players with different bonuses if they are worshipped, which seems like a fair trade.

Land of the Vikings screenshot showcasing a Viking village with strong wooden walls.
The Land of the Vikings might be too harsh for some and a welcome challenge for others.

Other than that, players will need to chop trees, plant and grow crops, fish and mine from the surrounding seas and fjords, and hunt the plentiful wildlife that will help supplement the villager's diet. Each villager will also have 20+ characteristics that will help make them unique. For example, one village might be composed of extremely strong men and women, while another may have silver-tongued thespians. Not every Viking is the same, and some are better at different things compared to others.

As this is the cold north, the player will have to survive all types of harsh weather. This can range from earthquakes to fire-starting lightning, which isn't good considering the Viking village is built out of wood. There will also be storms, blizzards, and regular ol' deadly cold weather that will require firewood and food stores to see the player's Viking village through the winter. 

Be sure to keep up with the game's official Twitter page if you want more info, and head over to its Discord channel if you'd like to talk to other like-minded Vikings. Land of the Vikings will arrive on Steam via Early Access later this year.

Want to see Land of the Vikings in action? Check out the announcement trailer below!

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