Labyrinth is Shutting Down for Good on Steam in September 2019

Published: July 12, 2019 9:00 AM /


labyrinth shutting down steam

Free Range Games has announced that their turn-based RPG/collectible card game hybrid Labyrinth is shutting down in September of 2019. The game was in Steam Early Access since May of 2016, but it seems like it's failed to pick up enough of an audience for the game to keep on going. Consequently, the developers are going to be shutting down the game's servers.

Essentially, Labyrinth merges several genres into one game that sounds pretty awesome on paper. Each player has their own set of heroes that get chucked into a dungeon. You then use cards to make the heroes complete actions, hopefully winning more turn-based battles than not. When you're offline, a set of defensive cards protects your territory from attackers.

It's certainly a cool concept, but the developers were unable to keep the development of the game going. Here is the text of the Steam Community news post announcing that Labyrinth is shutting down:

The Future of Labyrinth

Warriors, Delvers, Plunderers, and Heroes,

We are sad to announce that Labyrinth will be shutting down in September of 2019. We have made the difficult decision to move in a different direction and will no longer be supporting the game in its current form.

We are incredibly grateful to all Labyrinth players that have joined us on this journey over the last five years. It has been an honor and a joy to be able to make the game that we wanted to play, and share it with such a wonderful community. As a way of saying thank you, everything in game is now free so you can build your ultimate decks and show Starfall what you’re made of.

And, as you fight your way through Starfall once last time, keep your eyes peeled. You never know where Korghan and his band will show up again!

For questions or concerns, please write to [email protected].

While Labyrinth is shutting down (and can no longer be purchased on Steam), current owners are in for a treat: they'll be able to play with all of the components of the game absolutely for free.

Free Range Games hints that the characters seen in this game may return in a future title. It seems like they built a cool world; hopefully, they can execute things more successfully the second time around. Labyrinth will close down for good sometime in September 2019.

Now that Labyrinth is shutting down, what do you think Free Range Games will work on next? Did you have a chance to play the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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