Lab Zero Games Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for RPG Indivisible

Published: October 5, 2015 5:38 PM /


Indivisible Character Shot

Lab Zero Games, famous for Skullgirls (which is currently part of the Humble Indie Bundle 15), has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their newest creation in Indivisible. Pairing up with 505 Games (known for such hits as Payday 2), the teams are asking for $1,500,000 in the 42 day campaign to bring their vision of an RPG that's been inspired by such games as Valkyrie Profile and even Super Metroid to life. It's apparent that the art style Lab Zero Games is known for will be present here, as seen in the Campaign Video trailer. The game does have a playable prototype available here. It will use the same engine as Skullgirls did, the Z-Engine. Linux and Mac versions of the playable prototype will seemingly follow in due time. The game will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows/Mac/Linux including 7 language support for English, French, and Russian to name a few.

The game has strong influences from south-eastern Asian and other world mythologies. It stars Anya, who is attempting to find out exactly what the truth behind the mysterious powers (a mysterious blue form) she has. As the IndieGoGo page eludes to, she can absorb certain individuals into her being, fusing with incarnations to give her new abilities and weapons. Artwork regarding several of her weapons include an axe that can cut down certain obstacles, and she seems to have a basic understanding of martial arts as well, as eluded with her backstory.  Her crew seems to be a diverse group of travelers, ranging from the archer Zebei who fires with his feet at times, to a tiger pelt wearing shaman Razmi of some sort. The action is high even within the RPG elements, as the crisp nature of Lab Zero animation shines in bringing the gameplay to life.

Some sample monsters from the upcoming game
Some sample monsters from the upcoming game

The battle system is like Valkyrie Profile's but are not strickly turned based. Characters can attack at any time when actions are available and recharge in real time, but waiting for more actions can result in bigger combos and more strategic opportunities. This will also build a meter called the Iddhi meter, which can be used to cast spells between actions and execute super attacks.

The game also has an Inner Realm in which acts the home base for the team, but can be seemingly upgraded via quests and where you can save your game at. The details imply that your incarnations for Ajna will also play the part with things like a Blacksmith or a biologist unlocking certain buildings in the realm.

Battle Incarnations Possibilities


The tiers for the campaign range up to $20,000, as the highest tier contains all the smaller tiers, as well as visiting Lab Zero and dining with the team. The smaller tiers include designing a monster and NPC with the team (understanding that it has to fit the game's themes), and an Ajna statue that's unique to the campaign.

Anju Figurine

The game is predicted to have about 20-30 hours in length, which is in line with games main story lines like Chrono Trigger and Valkyrie Profile. In all those cases though, that doesn't include the side quests available. If it's funded, the game will be moved to Steam and the team would love feedback. The current estimated delivery date is January of 2018.

Quick Take

I honestly don't do IndieGoGo/Kickstarter, but even I'm tempted on this one. Skullgirls is my favorite fighting game by far with its mechanics, it's charm, and its understanding of its player base, and to include 505 Studios into the mix just adds to the hype for me. Definitely going to be looking at the playable prototype (which is nice to see at this stage of the campaign) and giving more thoughts. Hopefully, it gets funded!


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