Korea Recalls Hatsune Miku Title Over Song's Sexual Lyrics

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The latest VOCALOID-based rhythm game in the Hatsune Miku series has caused quite the controversy over in Korea. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X was released in the Korean region with their equivalent of a 12 years old and up rating.

GRAC Controversy
This is what game ratings look like in Korea.

The Korean video game rating system is known as the Game Rating and Administration Committee or GRAC. The classifications resemble those found in most parts of the world, with one for all ages and then 12/15/18 years and up.

Box Art Controversy
The Korean box art. (Source: HanSaemハンサム)

Following the title’s release, however, content was found within the game that spiraled into controversy, forcing the game to be pulled from store shelves due to a mass recall.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV37fQld6dU]

The controversial content was in fact simply the lyrics to one of the base game’s songs. It is speculated that the song in question is Sacred Spear Explosion Boy (Japanese name: 聖槍爆裂ボーイ), which is performed by the VOCALOID Kagamine Len. You can find a translated version of the track in the video above.

Highlights include the lyrics:

I’m coming, you’re coming

Maximum insert Nau.

Are you ready? My dear honey, bite on my finger!

Sacred spear explosion boy, feelin’ the love.

I’ve honey. You be coming.

For some reason, the song’s sexual lyrics were seemingly only discovered following its release and GRAC decided that it was not appropriate for the game’s 12 rating. This has been the cause of the controversy and mass recall, and the title has now been given the max rating of 18 years and up.  

US JP Controversy
A Teen rating in the US and a B (12+) rating in Japan.

Only the PlayStation VITA version of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is currently available, with the Japanese release of the PlayStation 4 version coming August 25th. Over in the US, you’ll be able to pick both versions up August 30th. Unfortunately, details about a European release are not currently known.

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