Konjak Announces Release Date for Iconoclasts After Nearly 8 Years

Published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 22:46 | By: Samuel Guglielmo

Sometimes it just takes years to make a game. Such is the case with Iconoclasts, a video game that has been in the works for nearly eight years and will finally be launching sometime early next year.

Iconoclasts originally started development in 2010 by Joakim Sandberg, who was developing all parts completely on his own. This included the programming, the art, the story, and even the soundtrack. In 2011 Sandberg admits to wanting to abandon the project and deciding to dump everything he had already finished online for free for people to try out. It received overwhelmingly positive reactions, convincing Sandberg to pick it up again and finish the game, getting some help from publisher Bifrost Entertainment along the way.


The game is a 2D action platformer where you'll play as Robin, who is described as a "renegade mechanic". She's equipped with a giant wrench which she can use to assist with platforming, smacking enemies around, and open up gates. She also has a pistol, for shooting reasons. Combining these two allows Robin to fight various enemies and travel around the world. One interesting feature allows her to grab on to rails and zip around, not much unlike the skyhook from Bioshock Infinite. Among the game's list of features includes 20+ boss fights, upgrading your character, and meeting the strange and eccentric citizens of the world of Iconoclasts.


Developer Sandberg, also known as Konjak, is probably best known for his last game Notiu Love 2: Devolution, which came out in 2008. It was originally supposed to get a Nintendo Wii port, but that version never materialized. He has also worked on other titles like Legend of Princess, Chalk, and Tripline.

Iconoclasts will be available on January 23rd, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC for the price of $19.99.

Interested in the game? Going to grab it? Excited to see it finish development? Let us know in the comments!

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