Kongregate's Storefront "Kartridge" Open Beta Date Announced

Published: September 27, 2018 5:02 PM /



Earlier this year, the online flash gaming website Kongregate announced they are launching an online, downloadable gaming platform called Kartridge.

Customers won't have to wait long to try out Kartridge for themselves - this online storefront will launch a public beta on November 1, 2018.


Kongregate.com allowed players to earn achievements called badges and increase in level on the website by playing flash games, although these rewards had no benefit to the user other than bragging rights. Kartridge is similar, but you can earn actual benefits for playing games, according to the official press release:

As players earn experience, their Kartridge account will increase in level. As a reward for their progress, they’ll receive substantial benefits at specific levels that allow them to purchase any game at a discount or receive a game of their choice for free.
Gamers will be able to choose from over 200 titles at launch. Companies such as Double Fine and Versus Evil will have games on the storefront. Expect to find games such as Psychonauts and Jotun on the storefront, with more coming in the future.

In the press release, Director of Product at Kongregate Alison Huffman said:

“We want Kartridge to feel like an investment that pays off for both developers and players. Developers will gain a bigger and expanded audience through purchases subsidized by Kongregate and players will get more of what they want: games."
In a previous statement, Kongregate CEO and Co-founder Emily Greer made sure to emphasize that Kartridge will not replace Kongregate.com. For now, players can sign up for the beta on Katridge's official website.

Quick Take

I've been a member on Kongregate since 2008 and played as many games as I could to earn badges and level up. It sounds like Kartridge wants to follow the same idea that made the original website so addicting, but with actual, tangible benefits. That's something I can get behind, and with names like Double Fine in on this project, I'm excited to see what Kartridge has to offer.

Are you going to try out Kartridge? Are there any games you hope to see on this platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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