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VR Sense

Koei Tecmo has announced the initial lineup for their 'VR Sense' arcade machines, which are set to debut this August in Japan. Five games were announced, some of which put a new spin on well-known titles from the publisher's catalog, some of which are brand new, all of which include special features exclusive to the VR Sense format that are designed to engage more than just your eyes and ears. Yes, the VR Sense machines are Koei Tecmo's next-gen take on smell-o-vision, hoping to increase the immersive nature of VR by providing tactile feedback and even scents.

The machines are based on PlayStation VR technology, though Koei Tecmo has confirmed that they will have unique proprietary specs. The machines are pod-like in appearance, as you can see above, and the player gets inside the pod to play. Inside the machine is the VR equipment, as well as a specially designed seat that does at least some of the work in providing the additional sensory feedback. A look at the newly launched official website for the VR Sense tells us that each machine is designed for a single player and will include three games from the five current launch games.

The site also gives a run down of the fives games that have been announced so far and lists some of their VR Sense-specific features:


The first title in the lineup, and the one that may garner the most attention is Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense. With features including, swimsuit upgrades on winning the game, special "appreciation time" with the girls for achieving high scores, and approaching the girls to get a faint whiff of their fragrance. Not much has been shared about the title but we can assume from the images that the game will include the swimsuit-clad ladies of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.


The next title is Super Sengoku Coaster. This on the rails experience aims to recreate a roller coaster's thrills using the 'multifunctional seat.' Stages include Sengoku era castle interiors and battlefields and the tracks will feature "unpredictable course development" with events like rails breaking and being tossed in the air.


GI Jockey Sense is a horse racing simulator, featuring commentary from well-known Japanese announcer Yoshihiko Yano, weather effects, and enhanced feedback from your seat and controller.

Horror Sense

The next title, Horror Sense, is a horror experience which promises "story and interactivity you can't help but want to clear." The multipurpose seat will move in unison with the images in game and immersion is heightened through the truly creepy-sounding effect of bugs falling from the ceiling and animals running over your feet being reproduced with tactile feedback.

sengoku musou sense

The last title on the list is Super Sengoku Musou. Koei Tecmo fans will recognize the reference to the Japanese title of the Warriors series. This VR version promises a new experience of the surrounding battlefield, with effects like feeling the heat of encroaching flames. It also promises "overwhelming immersive feelings inviting players to excitement." So that's good.

Koei Tecmo also announced at a recent press conference that these five games are just the first announcements of an expanding lineup. There is currently no news on these arcade machines coming to the West, however, the publisher has said that the VR Sense games will also be getting PlayStation VR compatible versions, so we may at least see localizations of those.

Would you like to see these machines make the leap to the West? Could VR revitalize the arcade industry? Which video game characters would you most like to smell? Let us know down in the comments!

Quick Take

While I may question the value of being able to sniff the ladies of Dead or Alive, these machines appeal to my inner tech nerd like crazy. Also, Horror Sense sounds like a game that would have me running and screaming from the arcade but I still want to try it, I may have issues.

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