Knitted Adventure Game Woven Winds Its Way To PC And Consoles This Year

Published: September 25, 2019 12:20 PM /



Dutch developer Alterego Games has announced a new project. Woven is an adventure game with a knitwear aesthetic. It's coming to PC and consoles "later this year", according to a press release given by Alterego.

In Woven, you control Stuffy, a woolen animal who can shapeshift to solve puzzles. Stuffed animals once lived in the game's world in peace, but when metal insects invade, the peace of the woolen world is under threat. Stuffy's sidekick Glitch is a metal insect, but he's lost his memory and has no idea who he is. You'll search for hidden secrets, customize your characters with different shapes, and join a fellow unlikely hero to journey through a story narrated entirely in rhyme. You can check out the trailer for Woven right here:

Gameplay-wise, Alterego describes Woven as "a unique adventure game" which mixes elements of platforming, point-and-click adventure games, and action-adventure. Puzzles will start off easy and gradually get more challenging (as one might expect from any game). Creative director Vincent da Silva says the team wanted to "give players the freedom to veer off the path" and piece together the game's story for themselves. Woven's official Steam page promises over a hundred different hidden fabrics to discover and multiple worlds with their own ambience, soundtrack, and story.

You'll be able to pick up Woven on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam when it launches. We don't have a concrete release date for the game yet. Alterego and publisher StickyLock say it'll be available in Q4 2019. With that in mind, we'd expect the game sometime around November. You can wishlist it on Steam while you wait. There's also the game's official website if you want more information.

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