Kirby's Dream Buffet Novel Coming Because Why Not

Have you ever played Kirby's Dream Buffet and wished you could read it in novel form so you could grasp the dense and intense narrative? Well, if you can read Japanese, you're in luck.

Published: October 26, 2022 10:52 AM /


Screenshot of Kirby's Dream Buffet gameplay, where we see dishes, a large cake and strawberries strewn about

A potential work of absolute literary genius is in the works, as Kirby's Dream Buffet is getting a Japanese-exclusive light novel. We know Kirby's hunger could never be satiated, and neither can ours when it comes to Kirby-related content.

The newest addition to this exclusive series of course features Kirby and is said to add more depth to the characters and shed light on what we may not know about the object-inhaling character. As of right now, the novel is set to exclusively be released in Japan, but with luck, the novel will make its way to the West for us to enjoy. Luckily, anyone who can read Japanese can delve deep into the twisted and intense plot within Kirby’s Dream Buffet

So what exactly is the upcoming Kirby novel all about? In a brief translated synopsis by Automaton Media, we learn that a mysterious magical witch has forged a mountain of different snacks, armed with nothing more than a fork. This is no ordinary fork, though, as it is imbued with magic that holds enough power to grant any wish to its user. What more could Kirby ask for? That is the perfect utensil for our insatiable pink puffball of joy, as if it was hand-crafted to be wielded by none other than Kirby. 

Kirby on a scale, weighing in after inhaling all the snacks in Kirby's Dream Buffet,

Now, if only it were that simple; Kirby finds a magic fork, and all of their dreams come true. This is not the case, as Kirby makes a wish for (you guessed it) even more snacks and treats with this magic fork. The fork does exactly what Kirby has asked, but suddenly Kirby is shrinking, and we learn that Meta Knight and King Dedede have also been shrunken down. It is now up to Kirby and friends to race to the throne of the Gourmet King, but we don't know much more than that as of yet. 

With the small amount of information we have on this novel adaptation, it's hard to say exactly what we can expect in terms of the plot. One thing is for sure, though, and that is regardless of what's added to the novel, it will be interesting and most likely captivating to fans of the Kirby franchise. Watch this space for more.

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