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Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Delayed for a Second Time

January 18, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams


Kingdom Hearts VR music video experience has been delayed for the second time since it was originally announced. This time, the delay came just within a couple of days of its planned release date. This virtual reality music video had originally planned to drop on December 25 of last year and was planned to be a lovely retrospective of the franchise so far. Unfortunately, that release date had been pushed back a month. Now, the developers working on this PlayStation VR title have had to push it back yet again.

The Kingdom Hearts VR experience intends to guide players through the history of the game and will take some segments from the main story's stages. It will be launched on the PlayStation VR as a free title with a second content update to follow. For now, the only official information on this upcoming free game is on the Japanese version of Square Enix's website.


Thankfully, the delay for this upcoming Kingdom Hearts VR experience is only a few days. While the original launch date was slated to be, well, today, it's instead been moved back to January 23, 2018. No reasons were given for the delay, but I think it's safe to speculate that it probably isn't too serious of a problem if they're only delaying the release by six days.

Kingdom Hearts has a pretty expansive lore and we certainly have enjoyed it exploring it around here. You might want to check out our choices for the best character adapations in the game and the weirdest worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universeKingdom Hearts VR will launch on January 23, 2018, as a free title for the PlayStation VR.


What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts VR experience being delayed? Are you going to pick up this title? Let us know in the comments below!

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