Kingdom Hearts' Project Xehanort Announced

Published: January 22, 2020 9:40 PM /


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Twas the eve before Re:Mind and all through the worlds, not a creature was stirring as Project Xehanort unfurled. Or something like that anyway, as Square Enix is obviously stirring enough to launch the new Twitter account and website for their upcoming Kingdom Hearts Experience and the latest addition to the massively popular global gaming franchise.

Square Enix appears to be going for the tantalizingly mysterious marketing approach, as the Twitter account and website combined have fewer details than Riku has keyblades, going as far as to hint at a start of darkness story for the series' big bad, Xehanort. What we do know is that the game currently known as Project Xehanort is scheduled to be released in Spring 2020 for iOS, and Android, and that they are currently running a contest on Twitter to guess the name. Interested in throwing your keychain into the ring? Here’s how to do it:


Project Xehanort Name Contest

Follow @ProjectXehanort on Twitter and Tweet them with your guess, using the tag #KHNameContest. 10 winners will be chosen and receive a $100 Amazon giftcard. The campaign ends on January 28th, 2020 at 6:59PM Pacific Standard Time. Need a hint? It's 8 letters and two words. Good luck!

Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross Update

In other Kingdom Hearts news, the website has been updated to include the new Kingdom Hearts Union Cross information that Square Enix promised. For the first time ever, we’ll get to see into Wreck-It-Ralph’s world of Sugar Crush with the newest story update. After Ralph’s appearance as a summon in Kingdom Hearts III last year, it’s no surprise that we’re finally seeing Sugar World, albeit in mobile form. With this update he joins the ranks of Mushu, Simba and Stitch as characters who started out as summons before their worlds were added to the Kingdom Hearts universe. Hang in there, Chicken Little, it’ll be your time to shine one day.

Project Xehanort is one of the two new upcoming projects mentioned by Square Enix in the 13 Questions of Darkness QA, but we'll have to wait a while to find out what the other is. In the meantime, Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind will be released tomorrow to help stave off the mid-January boredom.


Are you excited for Project Xehanort? What do you think the other upcoming project will be? Let us know in the comments below!

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