Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Is Getting A Playable Demo

Published: September 25, 2020 8:40 AM /


Sora, Donald, and Goofy celebrate the playable demo of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory in an official banner image

Upcoming rhythm-action game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is getting a playable demo. The devs say it'll drop sometime in mid-October, but they haven't been more specific as to when.

What will the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory demo contain?

We don't know which stages or songs will be present in the Melody of Memory demo, unfortunately. The news was announced via a tweet on the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account. In the tweet, Square Enix says to "keep your calendar clear for mid-October" and prompts fans to "get ready to dive into amazing rhythm-action gameplay with memorable tunes". Sadly, they don't go into any more detail about which songs will be present in the demo.

We do know that the demo will be playable across all three platforms on which the game is appearing: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Some of the songs to be featured in the final game include "Under the Sea" (of course), "Simple and Clean" and "Savannah Pride". There will be over 140 songs in the finished product from various different instalments in the Kingdom Hearts series, including non-numbered entries such as Re:Chain of Memories.

What exactly is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

Rhythm-action gameplay in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Gameplay in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will focus heavily on rhythm and the series' iconic music.

Melody of Memory is a rhythm-action game featuring songs and settings from the Kingdom Hearts series. The narrative will summarize what's happened so far in the series while also containing a hint of what's to come via recurring main character Kairi. Three different kinds of stages will be present in Melody of Memory. Those types of stages are as follows:

  • Field Battle: explore Kingdom Hearts worlds and fight enemies themed around that world
  • Memory Dive: replay specific stages and moments from previous Kingdom Hearts games
  • Boss Battle: face off against iconic bosses from the franchise

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 13th this year. Before then, you'll have a chance to sink your teeth into the demo in mid-October. We'll bring you more on the specific release date for the demo as we get it.

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