Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced

Published: April 10, 2022 8:01 AM /


Kingdom Hearts 4 Sora Trailer

Early this morning, Square-Enix announced a new game in the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts 4Kingdom Hearts 4 quietly dropped its trailer on the official YouTube channel. The announcement, shown towards the end of the trailer, shows off a Darkside as it assaults a realistic-looking city by the name of Quadratum. A figure who appears to be Sora himself charges at the Heartless as civilians flee in terror.

New mechanics include what appears to be some form of parkour, shown in the gameplay reveal as Sora zips through the city infrastructure to confront the monster. The Keyblade also morphs and contorts into a variety of tools and defenses. The familiar enigmatic figures in black robes stare down at the fight. After a quick transition, Donald and Goofy explore a dark cave before something calls out to them and appears to attack.


As this seems to be very early, many of the concepts shown in the trailer may be subject to change. Kingdom Hearts has a history of long waits between mainline entries. Kingdom Hearts III is infamous for its delayed development, which took over half a decade from its initial announcement before its 2019 release. The content shown in the trailer is about the same level of content as that shown for Kingdom Hearts III. Whether Donald's AI will finally prioritize helping the player instead of shooting Fire spells into the distance before getting knocked out is another story.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Sora Darkside Combat Trailer
Well, whatever happens with Donald's AI, this looks sick.

New Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Announced

In addition to the reveal for Kingdom Hearts 4, the video announced mobile spinoff Kingdom Hearts Union χ (Cross) will wrap up its storyline this August. Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, another mobile title, will receive a closed beta test in select regions on iOS/Android devices later this year. The trailer came out as part a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts in Tokyo, which originally appeared on the PlayStation 2 in 2002.

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