Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC ReMIND Announced by Tetsuya Nomura

April 27, 2019 6:35 PM

By: Kyle Johnson


As announced at the opening show of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra in Tokyo, a new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC is coming. Tentatively titled Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND, the details of the brief Kingdom Hearts III DLC announcement were posted by YanilynGaming on Twitter. You can read her original tweets below:

As the tweet reveals, the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC will come with a new scenario, as well as new secret and limit episodes and their related bosses. Also, Nomura announced that an English VA option will be added to the Japanese release. Unfortunately, the added language options aren't reflexive; English-language versions won't get a Japanese-language setting with the release of the DLC. All of this new content will require purchasing the DLC, though an update will add a new keyblade and form for players. There was no release date or price announced, but Nomura did say that more details would come "during Japan's rainy season," which begins in June.




This announcement comes on the heels of two new patch announcements that came earlier this week. The two patches are set to add a whole host of quality-of-life fixes, such as marking which items you've synthesized already, adding more photo mode slots and help messages, having certain items carry over in New Game+, as well as adding Critical Mode. In the past, Critical Mode reduced rates of experience gain, increased damage taken, and otherwise improved enemy behaviors to make the game harder overall. In Kindom Hearts III, Sora's maximum HP and MP are halved, but it seems that the more defining characteristics of Critical Mode might not have made the jump to the most recent entry.

Still, these patches should go a long way towards improving already the strongest Kingdom Hearts game yet. We'll have to wait and see what the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC means for the future and if we get any more out of the long-awaited RPG.


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