Kingdom Eighties Brings The Strategy Series Into The 80s

A new Kingdom game, Kingdom Eighties, has been announced, bringing the indie strategy franchise unexpectedly into the modern era

Published: May 10, 2022 11:24 AM /


Two monsters watching a TV in Kingdom Eighties

A new Kingdom game has been announced. Kingdom Eighties brings the indie micro-strategy series rather unexpectedly into the modern era, revolving around a small town threatened by the Greed. It'll launch for PC sometime this year.

What do we know about Kingdom Eighties?

In the wake of the success of shows like Stranger Things, lots of 80s-inspired games have been popping up, from Crossing Souls through to Echo Generation. Now, it looks like Fury Studios is throwing its own neon-drenched hat into the ring with Kingdom Eighties, a new Kingdom game set in, of course, the 1990s (obviously not really). You'll play as a band of kids who are dragged into a struggle with a small town in middle America at its center. You can check out the Kingdom Eighties announcement trailer right here. It's just a teaser trailer, but it gives a good impression of the game's 80s aesthetic.

We don't have too much information on the Kingdom Eighties gameplay approach yet, but it's a safe bet that it'll continue the series' focus on strategy and resource management. Fury Studios and publisher Raw Fury are promising a game that will surprise both experienced Kingdom players and newcomers, as well as anyone with nostalgia for the 80s. All in all, it sounds like if you're a Kingdom fan, you're going to like this one too. The official Kingdom Twitter account says the game is coming "this year", so expect more info soon.

What is Kingdom?

If you're not familiar with the Kingdom series, here's a quick primer. In Kingdom, you must build and maintain your very own kingdom, all while defending it from enemies that want to take your crown. If they succeed, your rule is over, so you must defend your crown at all costs. You'll gather resources and spend them on new additions to your kingdom, and you can also venture beyond your territory to gather more resources (although doing so is extremely dangerous in most cases). The series marries relatively simple side-scrolling micro-strategy gameplay with a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.

Kingdom: Two Crowns, another game in the Kingdom series alongside Kingdom Eighties
The Kingdom series focuses on side-scrolling strategy and resource management, and we're expecting Kingdom Eighties to continue that trend.

Switching up the series' setting for the modern day is a rather ambitious move. Usually, franchises move backwards for prequels, like the rather successful Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which takes place in the Meiji era of Japan. In this case, however, the devs have opted to go from a medieval setting to a modern one, although we're not expecting the strategy gameplay to change significantly as a result. We'll bring you more on Kingdom Eighties as soon as we get it.

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