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kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is releasing free DLC to everyone, Hardcore Mode. If for some reason you are a crazy person and thought that Kingdom Come: Deliverance needed more realistic and difficult mechanics, Hardcore Mode definitely has you covered. It releases for free tomorrow the 26th.

Kingdom Come's Hardcore Mode is more than just some simple passive chances you'll have to contend with. For starters, there is no autosaving in Hardcore Mode. You can only save by drinking some Saviour Schnapps, sleeping in your own bed, paying for full service at a bathhouse, or when you exit the game.

Gone too is going around and freely eating from any cooking pots you see around. That won't fill your stomach, so you'll have to always make sure to have good supplies with you.

kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode map

The map will be just a map in Hardcore Mode. Your current position won't be shown, so keeping an eye out for landmarks will be key. Rivers will become your best friend. Points of interest will get marked on your map, however, so you can use those as future reference points as well. Those waypoints on places like interesting sites won't show on your compass until you're very close, so you'll still be relying heavily on the map itself. That compass won't do much for you either, as it no longer displays the cardinal directions, meaning you'll have to use things like the position of the sun to know which way you're going.

And of course there's no fast travel either.

Combat's more realistic and difficult as well. Impacts of your strikes on enemies and theirs on you are more realistic, meaning fighting someone with good armor and equipment will be quite the task. Gone are the directional indicators around the cursor, too. The combat is still based on swinging around those directions, but you'll now have to go with the motion yourself. Blocking will no longer have an indicator, either, meaning you'll have to keep an eye on your opponent to see what they will do to time it correctly.

You will not be able to see what your current health or stamina is either, as there will be no bars displayed showing them. Instead, you will have to solely rely on visual effects in-game to tell you where you stand. When wounded, bloodstains will show on screen, and low stamina will turn the screen blue. So, the importance on your awareness in combat, of not only what your enemy is up to, is much more important in Hardcore Mode.

kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode perks
If you're lucky enough to survive the new save screen, you'll be greeted with the nine perks you can choose from to make Hardcore Mode a little more hardcore—or a lot more if you want.

Finally, Hardcore Mode lets you turn up the difficulty to even higher levels, if you so wish. There will be a set of Hardcore perks to choose from when you start a new Hardcore Mode game, which lets you customize the difficulty as you see fit. There are nine to choose from in any combination as you wish, and you must choose at least two. Of course, you can choose all nine if you want to make it the hardcorest of hardcore. There's an achievement in it for you as well if you do.

Here are all eight of the Hardcore Mode perks:

  • Nightmares: When waking up, you get a debuff for waking from your nightmares.
  • Claustrophobic: Lowering your helmet visor lowers your attack.
  • Haemophilia: You bleed more when taking hits in combat.
  • Numbskull: Lowers the amount of experience you gain. It's much more difficult to outlevel opponents.
  • Shakes: Makes aiming a bow and picking pockets and locks harder.
  • Consumption: Stamina regenerates slower.
  • Tapeworm: Hunger grows faster. With not being able to eat from the open pots in the world, this becomes a true challenge.
  • Sonambulant: You have a slight chance of waking up somewhere different than where you fell asleep. This can be a completely unknwon place. You'll have the very rare chance of sleepwalking to some secret areas.
  • Brittle Bones: Falls are more dangerous.
Kingdom Come's Hardcore Mode comes out tomorrow, so all you sadists out there can rejoice. The From The Ashes DLC will also be releasing soon, which you can read about here.

Will you be giving Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Hardcore Mode a shot? What sort of perks would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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