Kingdom Come: Deliverance Final DLC And Royal Edition Delayed On Consoles

Published: May 8, 2019 8:20 PM /


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Final DLC And Royal Edition Delayed On Consoles

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Warhorse Studios previously announced the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition back in March, which will include the base game and all free and paid DLC, including the final one, A Woman's Lot. Now the studio and publisher have announced that the expansion will be released on May 28 for PC. And in order to optimize the quality and deliver the best experience for all players regardless of platform, the studio will delay the console version of the DLC, both for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with the Royal Edition, until June 11.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Our Review) had a rocky launch back in February last year, but that didn’t stop it from selling a million copies within two weeks of release. Since then, the game received dozens of patches and updates with free DLC, and three paid DLC. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition will include four DLC, including From The Ashes, The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, Band of Bastards, and A Woman's Lot. I intend to review A Woman's Lot upon release. I was fairly disappointed with the latest DLC, Band of Bastards, so I'm hoping that A Woman's Lot plays more like The Amorous Adventures, which managed to be fun and hilarious.

The free DLC include Treasures of the Past, which was actually a pre-order bonus and unlocks unique treasure maps that lead to a Warhorse-styled custom armor for the protagonist, Henry of Skalitz. There is also the Hardcore Mode, which adds a new difficulty mode with several character flaws that impact gameplay and increase the challenge. Finally, there's the Tournament DLC, where Henry attends a tourney at Rattay every week or so, winning several prizes such as armor and weapons.

You can see a preview of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Collector's Edition below. For more information about Kingdom Come: Deliverance you might want to follow Warhorse Studios on Twitter  or stay tuned to TechRaptor.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Collector's Edition

Were you waiting for the console release of A Woman's Lot or the Royal Edition? Did you enjoy the previous DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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