Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC To Revamp Cut Dog Companion Stretch Goal

Published: March 13, 2018 1:53 PM /


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The Kickstarter campaign for Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance was funded at £1,106,371 from a £300,000 goal in February 2014. It included several stretch goals: Live In-Game Period Music, Symphonic Orchestra Soundtrack, Playable Female Character, Performance Motion Capture, In-Game Combat Academy & Company Training Video, Tournament Mode, and Dog Companion. Charlie Hall, writing for Polygon, brought attention to the fact that several of these stretch goals have not been met, specifically Playable Female Character, Tournament Mode, and Dog Companion.

Daniel Vávra, founder of Warhorse Studios and creative director of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, responded with a series of tweets from his personal account.



In the first tweet Vávra was probably referring to the Video Update #16 from December 2016, where he had mentioned that some of the stretch goal content had to be cut from the game and would be included at an unspecified later date as DLC, available for free to Kickstarter backers, specifically the playable female character quest. However, he also said later in the video that the dog companion had to be cut, period, due to the fact that the AI necessary for a dog companion to work properly would "require a lot of additional time that we don't have," while in the second tweet he said that they are already working on animations for the dog, which could be the extinct Alaunt breed. While that was originally slated to be the breed of the dog companion prior to being cut from the game, in the reinstated form they have said that they still have to see and are taking it one step at a time.

Polygon has since updated their article including Vávra’s response to reflect the upcoming status of the cut content. We reached out to Warhorse Studios to request some additional information and they have confirmed that the Dog Companion is being revamped as a DLC, though there is no timeframe for release as of this moment. After the 1.3.1 patch released on PC last week, which included "over 300 fixes in various quests" as well as several tweaks in gameplay, performance and a save-on-quit feature, Warhorse will certainly have to keep building on the foundation of the base game to deliver a more polished and smooth product to secure the audience for DLC, expansions, and a possible sequel.

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