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Published: May 26, 2016 12:02 AM /


Kingdom Come Deliverance

The long anticipated Kickstarted Kingdom Come: Deliverance is facing another delay it appears. While it was originally slated to release in late 2015, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was delayed into 2016 and then later delayed so that the PC version would launch simultaneously with the console versions in 2016. However, those plans appear to have been tossed out again as another delay is hitting the medieval RPG.

While originally reported by WCCFtech, we reached out to developer Warhorse Studios ourselves to independently confirm the story and were told that it was accurate by a Warhorse representative. While they declined to give details in general on it, citing some more information coming in the future, they said that good things take time and presumably they don't want to rush the game out in an unfinished state.

Crowdfunded back in 2014, Kingdom Come: Deliverance raised over 1.1million euros while on Kickstarter and continued to raise funds for a while after on their site to hit additional stretch goals. While they would continue to sell the game, they stopped adding new stretch goals a while after passing 2 million euros stating instead, "We have decided to stop adding new stretch goals for now and work on the promised features instead." Part of the presumed reason for that choice would be to avoid having a line up of features that would cause the game a lot of issues, and it is an issue many Kickstarted games face in the area of feature bloat padding out time for game release life. We have seen different approaches to this in the past beyond stopping at a certain point; Shovel Knight opted to launch with its base campaign and features but continues to check off more of its reached stretch goals with ports and additional campaigns like the Plague Knight one. On the other side is Mighty Number 9, which delayed itself incessantly to fix up some of its goals like multiplayer that were with stretch goal funding. 

As for now, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has its beta out on PC for players to try out different systems and give feedback on the development.

Quick Take

Another highly anticipated game is getting a delay but what's been a bit odd about Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been how they've handled the last couple delays. Hopefully, we get some more information on what led to this and why it was in the past related to matching with the console release and now just a plain old delay. It is very possible that the stretch goals and other design ideas increased the scope of the work enough that their estimates were off and they are needing to readjust them.

What do you think of this delay? Do delays impact how you perceive a game? Are you interested in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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