2D Battler The King Of Fighters XIII Global Match Gets Online Beta Test Next Week

Published: June 2, 2023 10:24 AM /


Robert Garcia and Ryo Sakazaki framing a shot of a fight in The King of Fighters XIII Global Match

SNK has announced the dates for the upcoming The King of Fighters XIII Global Match online beta. You'll be able to try out this revamped version of the classic fighter on PlayStation 4 (and also PlayStation 5, thanks to the miracle of backwards compatibility) starting from next week.

The King of Fighters XIII Global Match was first revealed back in April, and an open beta was scheduled for summer. In a press release, SNK reveals that KOF XIII GM is getting an online beta test starting on June 5th, and it'll run through June 11th. The aim, as stated by SNK, is "improving the quality of the online experience", and since it's an open beta, anyone can jump in and try out the game for themselves.

Sadly, if you're on Nintendo Switch, you're out of luck for this one; the game is in development for both Switch and PS4, but the beta's only happening on PlayStation. If you are playing on Sony's consoles, though, all you need to try out the KOF XIII GM open beta is to download it from the PlayStation Store once it becomes available.

A bout in progress in The King of Fighters XIII Global Match
It won't be long until you can try out The King of Fighters XIII Global Match for yourself.

During the online beta period, you'll be able to try out the practice mode while you're waiting for a fight, as well as the online play mode. You can also take a look at customization options and, uh, the Settings menu. Save data can't be transferred across to the full game when it lands, and various parts of the open beta might not function as intended; it's a beta, after all, and that's what it's for, right?

The King of Fighters XIII Global Match is an upcoming PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch re-release with extra features to make the online play more exciting. These include the hallowed rollback netcode, as well as lobbies, spectator modes, and more. If modern King of Fighters isn't doing it for you, this might well be where you should apply. Stay tuned for more news on KOF XIII GM.


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