King of Dragons Pass Successor, Six Ages, is Coming to PC This October

Published: September 25, 2019 12:00 PM /


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A Sharp and Kitfox Games has announced that the successor to King of Dragons Pass, Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, will release on Steam and GOG this October 17.

Set in Glorantha, the same world as RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and other titles, players will face off against the might of old gods and magic in this title. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a storybook strategy game with hundreds of decisions that will allow players to build a multi-generational epic of survival.

Players will be able to design their own clan, visit gods, and raid their neighbor in order to become a respected leader. As a leader, they will also have to discover, appease, and then make deals with spirits that are within their controlled territory. There will be over 400 scenes and 468,000 words that players can interact with, with their choices able to change both their in-game appearance and overall eventual outcome.

Difficulty levels are also implemented, with an option for players to limit save reloading if they truly the most 1337 gamers. As the game is set in the same world as King of Dragon Pass, the same clans from that title are included, with a new clan the Riders added. Like the other clans, the Riders clan will have their own myths and legends for players to explore. There will also be 4 times the amount of world to navigate in Six Ages as well.

Six Ages is set in a bronze-age world, a magical universe where things such as psychics are secondary in importance to the will of the gods and spirits. For instance, the Sun is a god, not a star. There are lots of gods, some more powerful then even the Sun, and all can affect humanity if they choose to do so.

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind will be released on Steam and GOG on October 17. It is currently also available on iOS. If you would like to test the game or talk to other Glorantha fans, check out Kitfox's Discord.

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