King Kong and Godzilla Will Take up the Fight in World of Warships

Published: April 1, 2021 11:46 AM /


Godzilla vs Kong

World of Warships now has Godzilla vs Kong movie-inspired update that brings with it Naval Camouflages, Commanders, Patches, and more to the naval multiplayer game. This is an exclusive and time-limited collaboration between Wargaming, Legendary Entertainment, and Toho Co, LTD. Godzilla and Kong will have their own individual ships, and they will also be available as their own playable commanders. There will be movie-themed camouflages, patches, flags, and more that will be available during this promotion, which will start later in May.

“Nearly 60 years ago, King Kong and Godzilla first faced each other on the big screen in Japan, and since then the rivalry of these mythical creatures has captured the imagination of millions around the world,” said Aleksandr Nikolaev, Senior Publishing Producer from Wargaming. “World of Warships is always searching for new and exciting content our players would appreciate and we are delighted to share with them our vision of this legendary titans clash.”

“Wargaming is the perfect partner to allow fans to jump into the action and take part in the long-awaited showdown between these two massive Titans,” said Sam Rappaport, Director of Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment. “Through this collaboration, fans will be able to experience the immense size and scale of the movie through this epic clash of Team Godzilla and Team Kong battleships.”

Team Godzilla's ship is blue and weighs 41,217 and is the Japanese ship Amagi. Team Kong's ship is orange and is the USS North Carolina battleship and comes in at 37,484 tons. For those on consoles, World of Warship: Legends players who choose Godzilla will have a unique battleship called the Heat Ray while Kong ships will have a unique battleship called the Primal, both of which will have the aforementioned commanders, flags, patches, consumable camouflages, and more.  


For those who want to hop in on the sea-faring action, check out this link and sign up here.

Note: the sign-up link provided is a TechRaptor affiliate link that will give TechRaptor a kickback upon using it. You'll also get 2.5m credits, 200 doubloons, the American Tier 3 Crusier St Louis, the German promo Tier 2 cruiser Emden, 20 camouflage, and 7 Days of Premium upon signing up

What do you think of this announcement? Are you interested in playing World of Warships or seeing Godzilla vs. Kong? Let us know in the comments!


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