King Arthur: Knight's Tale Release Date Delayed Yet Again

Published: March 9, 2022 9:26 AM /


A rather fetching chap with skulls for a head in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

The King Arthur: Knight's Tale release date is a lot like the Lake in which the Lady resides, in that it's mostly fluid. Neocore Games has announced another King Arthur: Knight's Tale delay, this time to improve localization and voice acting.

Why has the King Arthur: Knight's Tale release date moved again?

The last King Arthur: Knight's Tale delay was announced back in January. Originally, the game was due to launch on February 15th, but that date was subsequently changed to March 29th owing to a need for more polish. Now, developer Neocore Games has once again moved the release date. Neocore says this "wasn't an easy decision to make", but that the delay should allow the team to put the finishing touches on the final version of the game and ensure it lives up to player expectations.


Tactical RPG gameplay in King Arthur: Knight's Tale
King Arthur: Knight's Tale is out in Early Access, but the finished version isn't arriving until next month now.

The new King Arthur: Knight's Tale release date is April 26th. Neocore says it's moving the release date primarily in order to work on voice acting and localization efforts, which it intends to improve significantly before the full launch. As well as these things, Neocore is also looking to test the game some more and iron out some issues, ensuring players get the "smoothest launch experience possible". The studio is far from alone in this; recent delays to games like Square Enix's Forspoken and the upcoming Evil Dead game show that it's probably better to wait rather than to release a rushed, buggy title.

What is King Arthur: Knight's Tale?

Described as a unique hybrid of turn-based tactical RPG gameplay and "traditional, character-centric RPGs", King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a dark, gritty take on the King Arthur myth. You are Mordred, Arthur's nemesis, and you have been returned to life by the Lady of the Lake in order to kill King Arthur, who is now a shadow of his former self. Along the way, you'll gather a team of characters, explore a dark fantasy world, and create your very own Knights of the Round Table. You'll also have to make lots of moral decisions that will inform your personality and your approach as king.

A giant slug monster in King Arthur: Knight's Tale
As you can see, King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a much darker take on the mythology than usual.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale launches on Steam in full on April 26th. It's already available in Early Access right now, where you can play the first Act of the story campaign. The full release will add three more story acts, endgame content, and lots of extra stuff like new heroes, new factions, and plenty more. Looks like this game will be perfect for anyone who loves tactical RPGs and dark fantasy. Here's hoping the game doesn't get delayed again before it launches next month. 


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