King Arthur: Knight's Tale Release Date Delayed For Full Version

NeocoreGames has delayed their dark fantasy tactical RPG early access graduation

Published: January 13, 2022 9:49 AM /


King Arthur: Knight's Tale

It has just been announced that the King Arthur: Knight's Tale release date has been delayed to March 29, 2022, which should come as a major bummer for those intrigued by the prospect of playing the full version of Neocore's dark fantasy tactical RPG. It has been in Steam's Early Access for the last year, although its original Early Access release date was also delayed for two weeks at the time. That's an odd bit of symmetry, eh? That's a two week delay for the Early Access release and two months for the full release. It means nothing, but at least there's a strange consistency there.

Anyways, the delay is due to Neocore wanting to finish working on the "last bits of the campaign and the endgame", and that there will be a lot more information for players in the two extra months that they'll have to wait. The delay is blamed on Neocore having to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes sense.

For those bummed out about the King Arthur: Knight's Tale release date delay, there will be a PvP community event for those who supported the highest tiers of the Kickstarter. Details will be coming soon, so stay tuned on that front.

What is King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Players will be placed in the shoes of Sir Mordred, who was killed and simultaneously managed to kill King Arthur in the climactic last battle. Somehow, you both lived, and now Sir Mordred has been tasked by The Lady of the Lake to kill King Arthur or whatever he has now become. 

As a tactical dark fantasy RPG, players will be able to explore Avalon and rebuild Camelot. Death is final, so be sure to plan ahead before going into battle with your small team of heroes. Up to 30 heroes can be chosen from, which gives a lot of variety to the six available classes and hundreds of skills and artifacts that are also available.

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