Kinda Funny Games Showcase -- NISA Shows Off Lapis X Labyrinth, Danganronpa Trilogy

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lapris x labryinth

During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, NIS America showed off a new trailer for Lapis X Labyrinth, as well as some news about the Danganronpa Trilogy. First is Lapis X Labyrinth, a new action RPG coming from parent studio Nippon Ichi Software. When a nearby village falls on hard times, you and your comrades are tasked with finding an inordinate amount of gold and treasure to sustain the town. Luckily enough, underneath the nearby Golden Forest is a sprawling labyrinth full of treasure and monsters. With eight different allies to choose from, you can combine and stack your team to unleash devastating attacks or defeat the monsters one by one.

NIS America is promising over 4000 visual combinations for your team, as well as stylish over-the-top visual flair. With each monster defeated, you acquire treasure, which builds score, awarding even more treasure. Despite the appearance of four different characters, Lapis X Labyrinth is a squarely single-player game. Lapis X Labyrinth is set to come to the Switch and the PS4 sometime next year.

danganronpa trilogy

Additionally, while it didn't come with a new trailer, Kinda Funny Games announced that the Danganronpa trilogy of games would be coming to PS4 in one singular package. A series of murder-mystery games with plenty of despair, the Danganronpa games have always been a blend of visual novel-style interactions mixed with some high-stakes courtroom drama and investigations. In each game, sixteen strangers are gathered together and locked away from the world with only one rule: if you can get away with murder, the murderer goes free, while the other contestants will perish. Lauded for its fresh approach to mystery games, Danganronpa has amassed quite a following in the years since its initial release.

Already existing in two separate forms as Danganronpa 1*2 Reload and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, this singular package will unify all three games under one package. Although the Danganronpa series got its start on the PS Vita and has seen renewed success on PC, the Danganronpa Trilogy currently appears to be physical-only for PS4. As you can see above, the Trilogy release comes with both the Reload dual pack as well as Danganronpa V3, as well as a character art book. Danganronpa Trilogy releases on March 26th, 2019 in the US, March 29th in the EU and April 5th for Australia and New Zealand.

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