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Kinda Funny Games Showcase - Mini-Mech Mayhem Blasting to PlayStation VR

Gaming article by Robert Grosso on December 8, 2018 at 2:39 PM

Developer FuturLab got a little love at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase for their upcoming PlayStation VR strategy game, Mini-Mech Mayhem.

Described as "Chess, but loads funnier" by FuturLab, Mini-Mech Mayhem is a tabletop battle game where players take on the form of robotic avatars playing a battle game with smaller little robot mechs, battling up to three opponents at a time as team. The games official trailer, released before the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, displayed some of that action.


We see customizable character avatars and a plethora of little mechs on a tabletop grid, while the avatars control their mechs through a touch panel that programs their actions simultaneously with the other players. After punching in the number of actions per turn for your mech, those actions then play out on a single turn, with either great or disastrous results. 

Players can also use power cards to execute special attacks on the fly as well as board hazards, offering more options for the player to achieve victory against their opponents.  The game itself is treated as a light-hearted affair, but the mechanics, while deceptively simple, offer a chance for some good strategic gameplay.

FuturLabs notes that Mini-Mech Mayhem will be fully playable online for up to four players, and hopes that the games simple strategy components combined with their "heart-warming humour" serve as a winning formula for PSVR owners. Some of the options planned include free chat with social comfort features, tons of customization options for the players avatar and their mech, and relaxing music by famous game composer Joris de Man, who worked on the soundtracks of Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and FuturLab's previous title, Velocity 2X.


Mini-Mech Mayhem is scheduled for release in 2019, and is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for PSVR.

What are your thoughts on Mini-Mech Mayhem? Leave your comments below. 

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