Kinda Funny Games Showcase - Indie Release Date Insanity [UPDATED]

Published: December 8, 2018 2:32 PM /


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Kinda Funny Game Showcase opened up with an indie bang, announcing the release dates of five different games.

First up was Super Meat Boy Forever. This runner game sees you playing as Meat Boy as he automatically moves forward while dodging sawblades, lasers, and more in his quest to save his kid. While it doesn't have an exact release date, it is coming out in April 2019.

Next we got to see YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. This turn based RPG looked like it combined the weirdness that is Earthbound with a more 90s retro aesthetic. One character fights by throwing a record at people, while another appeared to have a guitar. Either way, you'll be able to get your hands on it on January 11th, 2019.

The next trailer was for At Sundown. Technically you can grab that game any time you want on Discord, but we did learn when it will be available elsewhere, and that date is January 22nd, 2019.

Following that we saw Aftercharge, a 3v3 first person shooter with some unique weapons. You'll be able to find out just how unique on January 10th, 2019 when it releases.

Finally we got to see Quarantine Circular. This visual novel/adventure game saw you talking with an alien to try and learn why it's on Earth and if its the origins behind a mysterious virus that has begun to spread. While this game is already out on PC, we also learned when you'll be able to get it on the Nintendo Switch. The answer for that one is today. You can buy it and play it right now.

Just when we thought the release dates were over, we learned more!

Long Gone Days is a military game about a young sniper. It features some visual novel and jRPG elements, along with first person sniping. The game is already in early access, but it will launch in full in April 2019.

Then we got a first person Japanese dungeon crawler named Away: Journey to the Unexpected. It has an amazing art style that needs to be seen to be believed. It'll be launching in February for all consoles and PC.

The following game was a weird and moody piece, showing surreal landscapes ravaged by a storm and crows flying around. Near the end we learned that the boy could turn into a bird. The game was Vane, and it launched Jan. 15th on the PlayStation 4.

We then moved on to a Nintendo Switch game based on the story of Syrian refugees. The game was Bury Me, My Love, and has been available on mobile platforms for a little while now. We learned that it will be coming to the Switch on Jan 10th.

Next up was a werewolf. Already having my attention, this was survival game The Wild Eight, which has been available on Steam's Early Access for a while. We learned that it will be launching in full on PC in March, with a console version coming later in August.

Slime-San is a platformer that has been out for a while, but available today you can play Slime-San: Creator, which lets you build new levels and share them with other players.

Sumo is a party game where players play as, well... sumo wrestlers. Your goal is to push other players off the edge of the map. Sounds like a good time.

Keep an eye on this page as we update it with more information about each game as it becomes available.

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