Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Servers to be Shut Down

Published: July 22, 2022 11:27 AM /


Two Helghast soldiers in Killzone Shadow Fall

It's a sad day for Guerrilla Games multiplayer fans, as the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer servers are going to be shut down, along with the servers for Killzone: Mercenary and Rigs: Mechanized Combat. It's important to note that the single-player for these titles will still be playable, so if you still want to hop into the campaign for these games you'll be able to do so. The news was announced on Guerrilla Games' Twitter, and the deactivation will take place on August 12, 2022. With Guerrilla Games' PS3 multiplayer titles in Killzone 2 and 3 being shut down in 2017, we've now come full circle nearly five years later for their PS4 titles.

Why are Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer servers being shut down?

Ironically, there was a scare back in 2020 that Killzone: Mercenary servers were being shut down. That was proven to be false, and both the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer servers and Killzone: Mercenary limped on for another two years before the announcement finally came down. Why do I say limped on? Well, both Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone: Mercenary have been almost unplayable in the last few years due to a nearly non-existent playerbase, with hackers making the rest of would-be players' lives miserable. Only the official lobbies created by Guerrilla Games remain for players to play Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer on, which goes to show how desolate the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer servers have become.


Interestingly, this news comes in the wake of a Twitter user showing that Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer users were originally supposed to receive at least 90 days' notice before the multiplayer was shut down. Obviously that's not happening, but at least we're getting some notice rather than nothing at all, I guess.

An image from Twitter user @griftForceOne showing a message suggesting Killzone: Mercenary servers should be shut down with 90 days' notice
Times change. Image courtesy of @griftForceOne on Twitter.

Rigs: Mechanized Combat is a little different from the other two games on this list. It came out 3 years later than the other two titles in 2016 and was described here at TechRaptor as having serviceable FPS mechanics. It's also a PSVR title, so it stands to reason that a "serviceable" PSVR title's multiplayer component is probably even more desolate than the much older Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone: Mercenary's multiplayer servers.

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