Killer Queen Arcade Fyre Map Controversy Addressed by Developers

Published: May 7, 2020 3:36 PM /


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The Killer Queen Arcade Fyre map controversy has been addressed by the developers on Reddit, highlighting a complex situation involving fan-made mods to arcade cabinets.

Here's a bit of background: Killer Queen is an arcade platformer game with a theme of bees and hives. It makes for some pretty intense platformer content and it seems like quite a few people really enjoy this game.

However, some modders took things to the next level by tinkering with the machine and creating a custom map. The developers ultimately didn't like this and had it shut down as explained in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

"I think a lot of people don’t understand that our business model is different," stated Brian, one of the game's developers. "We often find ourselves in uncharted territory. Unlike many game companies, our customers are not necessarily our players."

"Yes, keeping players happy is good for business and good for our customers," they continued. "However opening the door to faux open source modifications on what is basically platform business model, not a consumer product, creates a strain on our existing customer relations with vendors and operators, creates additional work for our team in explaining what is going on, and an expectation of support."

Brian wasn't the only developer to chime in on the Killer Queen Arcade Fyre map controversy, either.

"Fyre map was particularly painful for us since it felt like direct intellectual property theft rather than a creative expression for a passion," stated Belia, another one of the game's developers. "Being protective of our IP means that we can create new experiences such as Abs vs the Blood Queen or maps that are commensurate with the broader experience behind Killer Queen. Unlike games like Mario Maker, which have tons of developers behind it and a completely separate [codebase] from the classics like Super Mario Bros, this is the life's work of the developers and any exploitation is a serious hit to not only their livelihood, but also to their integrity as artists."

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Will the Killer Queen Arcade Game Ever Get Custom Maps?

Was the Killer Queen Arcade Fyre map controversy a one-off, or will the devs adjust course in the future and allow custom maps? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like something they're keen on supporting.

"[Custom maps are] probably not in the cards, for a couple of reasons," Josh began. "First is that arcade game need to be a highly curated experience. As it is, (for an arcade game) Killer Queen is incredibly complicated and intimidating for new players."

"Unlike a home game, it has no concept of state, or who you are," he continued. "The maps we design are intended to work well for newbs and world-champions alike. Additionally, cabinets are generally owned by bar owners and operators, most of which understandably don't want their patrons tinkering with their equipment. We also don't have the resources to develop and support user-friendly tools. We're a very small team and we have to be very selective with the projects we take on."

Regrettably, it seems that the Killer Queen devs aren't too keen on modding. You can read more about their response to this controversy in the Reddit AMA. If you'd like to play this neat arcade game for yourself, you can find the nearest location with a cabinet at

What do you think of the Killer Queen Arcade Fyre map controversy? Do you think the devs should allow modders to make custom maps? Let us know in the comments below!

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