The Kickstarter You Should (And May) Know: The Flame in the Flood

Published: November 1, 2014 1:00 PM /



The Flame in the Flood doesn’t just look like an interesting game; it’s borderline artistic, and you can tell the developers, The Molasses Flood, love this project.  The Kickstarter gaming community has also given a lot of love to this project as it surpassed its $150,000 goal in less than 10 days.  With just under 10 days remaining (the final day is November 6th), the campaign has over $200,000 pledged.  Although pledges have slowed down since the project met its initial goal, there are still plenty of stretch goals ahead. First of all, who is The Molasses Flood?  A group of developers from a combination of hit games such as BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and so on.  With that kind of pedigree, we can expect a very solid game.  Now the important question, what is The Flame in the Flood?  I could tell you it’s a post-apocalyptic or post-civilization survival game where you have to escape wildfires and torrential rains while staving off rabid wild life, disease, fatigue, and so on, but I personally feel the trailer needs to be experienced firsthand, though.  Chris Ragan performs the title song (aptly named The Flame in the Flood) from an all original sound track for this game, and the combination of that song, the graphical style, and general tone of the video synergizes well and is very enjoyable.  Does that mean this will be a great game?  That’s still to be determined. Some have likened this project to an artsy, next gen, Oregon Trail, which to some extent is correct.  Is that so bad?  Oregon Trail is nostalgic for many gamers out there, and to finally get a next gen title with the soul of that game is exciting for many, myself included.  Who doesn’t remember giving little Jimmy dysentery and allowing Pa to drown braving the rapids? Current stretch goals for this project include localization for non-English speaking countries, endless mode, raft customization, a PS4 version, and even 2 unknown goals.  German, French, and Spanish localizations, as well as raft customization goals have already been met by hitting the $200,000 mark.  As for the unknown goals, the developers have stated they already have those 2 goals in mind, but will only release them if their PS4 goal of $300,000 is met.  That’s a bold move Molasses Flood.  Should we as gamers pay them their ransom? Decide for yourself.  Click the link, watch the video, and take some time to read about the game.  My guess is those goals will never be met, but regardless, I’m curious as to what their lofty ideas were and why they kept them a secret.

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