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KFG Showcase E3 2019 - SkateBIRD Alpha Demo Features Adorable Birbs (And it's Out Now)

June 10, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams


The SkateBIRD Alpha Demo is out and lets players ride on a finger-sized skateboard with a variety of different birds.

No, really. That's the game. You get to skate around on tiny skateboards with adorable birds. It looks pretty awesome, and now the alpha demo is available to play completely for free right now. Go get it already, there's no reason not to!


If you'd prefer a somewhat lengthier description, here it is: SkateBIRD has players taking on the role of a board that's riding a very tiny skateboard. The magic of games like Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterSkate, and Session is recaptured with an adorable new art style featuring these cute little avians. Skate along the bedroom floor, grind on plastic straws, and enjoy a sweet lo-fi hip hop soundtrack. (You may or may not be able to study to these funky beats.) Players will also be able to drop their own MP3s into the game to shred to their favorite tunes with ease.

At the moment, SkateBIRD is still very much in development. It was the product of a successful Kickstarter. A lot more features are planned for the final version of the game. For now, you can get a basic idea of the gameplay by checking out the Alpha demo and shredding the sickest moves your tiny little birdie feet can handle. You can download the SkateBIRD Alpha demo via the game's official website or over on You can see this wonderful game in action in the trailer below.


What do you think of the SkateBIRD Alpha Demo? Does the theme of the game appeal to you or would you have preferred a more serious take on skating games? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2019 Coverage Hub.

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