KFG Showcase E3 2019 – Play Cyberpunk Volleyball With Guns in Gunsport

Published: June 10, 2019 9:10 PM /


kfg showcase e3 2019 – play cyberpunk volleyball with guns in gunsport

During the KFG E3 2019 showcase this Monday, we saw a very brief trailer of Gunsport, developed by Necrosoft Games. According to a PlayStation teaser from 2015, the premise of the game is quite simply "cyberpunk volleyball with guns" in a pixelated platformer art style that brings to mind classic platformers such as Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, though a bit less refined than those classics. If you're looking for a quirky platformer, look no more, as Gunsport is probably more than enough to keep you entertained.

This is a two-on-two mini online eSport. It's all about keeping the ball in the air, shooting it into a goal at a choice moment. The more times the ball passes the net, the more points it will be worth, upping the stakes with every pass. However, your shots are limited, so you have to aim carefully, time your shots with care, and communicate with your teammate. If you and your teammate are in sync, you can pull off a team attack. As you shoot the ball at the exact same time, it will go twice as fast, but your opponents can fire it right back at you as well with a similar move. Team-based weapon sets and stage-specific gimmicks give the game variety and flavor, but the biggest variety comes from other players, whether online and offline. Gunsport is all about unpredictable and ever-changing foes.

Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown sick of war, so much that all countries somehow agreed to mutually assured disarmament. And so international disputes are now settled with this bloodspot that is Gunsport. The exact locales where you will play are Neo Tokyo, which is a now United Worker's Socialist Democracy, the Free Congo, Blue Cambodia, and the People's Republic of Oakland. This world is populated by neon lights and repurposed technology, always full of a restless analog hum.

Gunsport has no release window yet, and the developer has not confirmed on which platforms it will release, but you probably assume it will be out on Steam and Nintendo Switch at least. You can look for more information on the game's official website.


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