Kerbal Space Program 1.0 Released

Published: April 27, 2015 5:32 PM /


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Kerbal Space Program; the chaotic, memetic, best way to simulate how a Gundam could theoretically function, space flight simulator has released version 1.0 today.

Along with the typical notes and features list for an update, developer Squad released this adorable trailer and a message to fans to herald the official release.

Kerbal Space Program 1.0 is what we envisioned when development of the game started four years ago: we set out to make a game in which the player is given ultimate control over the exploration of space: from designing their rockets to launching and flying them to their destinations, in a universe that was modeled to be realistic, but at the same time still be fun to play in.

However, our 1.0 release is more than just a new version number. It’s also the biggest update to the game we’ve ever done, and contains many new and updated features, plus improvements to just about every game system, which we’re sure will appeal to both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

The 1.0 update is substantial; the flight model has seen a complete overhaul to correctly calculate lift, drag, account for stalling and "spontaneous craft disassembly during high-G maneuvers" which sounds incredible and also terrifying for any Kerbals involved. Kerbal Space Program's 1.0 also revamps the heating model for spacecraft, accounting for black body radiation and multiple methods of heating depending on the situation. Finally the update introduces resource mining; players will have access to scanners to locate resources, drills, holding tanks and refineries to convert materials to usable resources. Fingers crossed it is a more robust system than Mass Effect 2's take on extra-terrestrial mining.

Kerbal Space Program is a unique experience that has created a sizeable and active community, which counts NASA and Elon Musk amongst its members; one only has to search "Kerbal Space Program" on YouTube to see the amazing things the community has done with this game. Hopefully the 1.0 update will continue to foster such a great community experience, and maybe help NASA figure out how to mine asteroids.

You can see the full 1.0 update notes on the official Kerbal Space Program site or on Steam.

Are you guys excited for the 1.0 release? How many spaceships have you crashed, irrevocably damaging the economy of Kerbin as your hubris forces you to reach for the stars? Tell us in the comments! ...You monsters.

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