Katana ZERO Nabs Devolver Digital as Publisher, Coming This March

Published: January 16, 2019 2:06 PM /


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If you watched this year's Games Done Quick, you may have noticed Katana ZERO plastered all over the stream. Askiisoft, the developer of Katana ZERO, is getting more notoriety now after picking up Devolver Digital as its publisher.

Along with the partnership between Askiisoft and Devolver, the game will be coming this March to both PC and consoles. As of right now, there is not an exact release date or specific platforms. Devolver tends to port its games to the Switch and PS4 at the least, but there could also be potential for an Xbox One release as well.

Katana ZERO is a sci-fi, cyberpunk 2D action game platformer. It looks like a combination of Hotline Miami and Gunpoint, with extremely stylized visuals, and fast gameplay. One hit, and the player is dead, so the game is holding no punches.

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A key feature to Katana ZERO is the protagonist's time-manipulation abilities. These allow you to slow down attacks for more precise strikes, or literally rewind an encounter if it turns deadly for the ninja. At the end of a level, there's a replay option that shows the encounter in real-time like an old VHS tape. According to the game's Steam page, there's the ability to deflect bullets, and there are environmental hazards like traps that can either end your run or be used against enemies.

There are also multiple ways to approach each stage, which are "uniquely designed for countless methods of completion." Lastly, there's a story for those who want some exposition to this action-packed title.

Katana ZERO is coming out this March for PC and consoles and is now published by Devolver. Stay tuned for its release, and be sure to check out its Steam page.

Quick Take

I saw this title about two years ago when it was featured on TotalBiscuit's channel. It looked like a fantastic game, but it seemed to disappear for a bit. I'm glad that it's release soon, and it looks fantastic. With the support of a publisher like Devolver at the helm, I am confident that this game is going to be a hit.

Are you going to pick up Katana ZERO? Are you glad that Devolver is publishing it? Let us know in the comments below!