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Published: September 19, 2015 8:00 AM /


Karin pose

Only a few days after the announcement of Rashid, fan favorite Karin was announced for Street Fighter 5 at Tokyo Game Show after producer Yoshinori Ono dropped yet more hints on Twitter. Karin’s return marks the third Street Fighter Alpha character to have been announced so far, along with R.Mika and Charlie Nash.


Karin seems pretty similar to her Street Fighter Alpha counterpart with a few notable exceptions. She is missing her counter move and her command throw. She has an extensive special move list that consists almost entirely of quarter circle motions and up down motion follow ups. A breakdown of her move set can be seen on this move list;how genuine this list is remains uncertain as there has been no official confirmation.

Her V-Trigger allows her to use a variety of rekkas to mix up and combo opponents. This is similar to How Noel Vermilion's drive ability works in Blazblue, with the ability to attack and follow up with a variety of moves including an overhead, throw and a backdash.

Her V-Reversal is similar to her counter in Street Fighter Alpha, using forward and 3 punches on block, you deliver a counter hit that launches opponents into the air and knocks them down.

Finally, her V-Skill is a lunging attack that can be used to stuff projectiles and knock down opponents; this move can be charged when the button is held.

All of this comes together to create an offensive rush down character with a lot of options for getting in quick, dealing damage, and being able to stuff defensive options, such as fireball zoning with her V-Skill, and catch people off guard closing distance with her command dash.

Quick Take:

Karin looks absolutely fantastic; having never been that much of an Street Fighter Alpha fan, Karin’s announcement did not stir a huge fanboy reaction within me, but she is the only character announced so far I can say looks like the type of fighter I personally like to play. However, I am hoping that further character announcements bring further original characters, and I would love to see the return of some of the Street Fighter 3 cast that did not make it into Street Fighter 4—mainly Necro, Sean, Urien or Alex.


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