The Just Revealed Stray Trophies Are The Cat's Meow

Stray's trophies have just been revealed, and they are everything a cat fan could hope for.

Published: July 11, 2022 10:54 AM /


One of Stray's cute robots ferrying its feline protagonist

With the Stray release date right around the corner, we've finally discovered what players can expect from the Stray trophies. They're generally cute and full of the types cat puns that Stray fans would expect, so let's get into them, shall we?

What are the Stray trophies like?

Overall, it looks like the Stray trophies are generally pretty easy to complete. Instead, they look like fun little additions to the game that'll have you smiling as you complete them. 'A Little Chatty', for instance, is a Silver achievement that asks players to meow 100 times. 'Cat-a-Pult' is also a Silver achievement that's given out when then player jumps 500 times. You see what I mean, eh?

The Stray trophies look like more of a cherry on top to an interesting game rather than asking players to find hidden secrets or complete hard tasks, although 'Productive Day', a Silver achievement, might be difficult for some players because it asks them to sleep for more than one hour. If that's in actual time, that's a lot of waiting when you could be playing the game.

More difficult achievements do exist, though. 'Can't Cat-ch Me' is a Gold achievement that asks players to complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught, and 'Sneakitty' is a Silver achievement that has players going through Midtown without being detected by Sentinels. Again, these aren't extremely hard, but it's harder than jumping 500 times or meowing 100 times, which you'll probably earn just by playing through the game.

Stray cat
That's not a stray! Talk about false advertising.

Interestingly, apparently Stray can be completed in less than two hours via the Gold 'I am Speed' achievement. While this will undoubtedly be hard for first-timers, it'll be cool to watch speedrunners make it look easy and beat the game with time to spare in a few weeks. Something to think about when you've stopped looking lovingly at that Stray physical edition that was announced last month, eh?

Thanks, Exophase.

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