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Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Delayed Indefinitely; Another Takes Its Place

Gaming article by James Galizio on July 10, 2016 at 7:43 PM

One of the core tenets of PC gaming has always been the ability for communities to modify games, breathing new life into older titles and expanding their scope. Entire franchises like the Fallout series are especially well-known for their thriving mod communities, and their vast libraries of different fan mods. Easily one of the most memorable mods from recent memory would have to be Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod - JC2-MP for short.


Developed by a dedicated team over a year, the mod officially launched in December of 2013 and nearly immediately renewed discussion of the Just Cause franchise overall. The mod proved to be so popular, that soon after Just Cause 3's release the team announced a similar mod for that title named JC3-MP. Needless to say, following the lack of a dedicated multiplayer mode for Just Cause 3 - fans waited for the JC2-MP dev team to build the multiplayer for them once again.

Unfortunately, it seems like things won't work out that way. Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod's development hadn't had the smoothest of starts to begin with; Since Just Cause 3 shipped with Denuvo, the JC2-MP dev team had to seek access to the original Just Cause 3 development tools in order to implement their solution. Today the JC2-MP development team confirmed that the mod has now been delayed indefinitely, as an indirect result of some members of the dev team being hired by Avalanche Studios Sweden.


What does this mean for players that were looking forward to JC2-MP's dev team's latest work? They might be waiting a while for a release, if it ever comes to fruition at all. Thankfully there's still hope out there for a Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod - though, this time from modding dev team nanos, with their recently announced Just Cause 3 Multiplayer project (video embedded below). Much like JC3-MP, nanos' work is being done with Avalanche Studio's blessing. The timing between nanos' and JC2-MP's dev team's announcements seem a little more than coincidence, but with any luck Just Cause 3 players on PC will have access to fan-made multiplayer soon.


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