Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.5 Announced Smarter Dinosaurs and Day/Night Cycle Coming

Published: November 6, 2018 3:30 PM /


jurassic world evolution update 1.5

Details on Update 1.5 for dinosaur management sim Jurassic World Evolution have been released.

Developer Frontier revealed what was to come in the update through a Community post on the game's Steam page. The update will bring advanced dinosaur AI, a day/night cycle and more. In addition to the free content update, there's also some paid DLC on the way. We're not sure what form this will take yet; Frontier promises more news later this week, so stay tuned to find out what that might be.

Here's a list of the changes coming to Jurassic World Evolution in Update 1.5:

  • Group Leaders and Sleeping Behaviour: as per fan feedback, Frontier will be implementing these two improvements to dinosaur AI. Dinosaurs will now look for a Group Leader and follow their behavior, creating a group dynamic between them. Leadership contests will occur, leading to changes in the Group Leader. Groups will try to stick together in the face of danger, as well as when eating, drinking, and sleeping. In addition, dinosaurs will now sleep when they're idle; this behavior will combine with the new group function, so dinosaurs will often sleep together as part of a group.
  • Day/night cycle: Jurassic World Evolution will now cycle between day and night for what Frontier calls "a more dynamic environment". Career players will need to unlock this setting by achieving 5-star ratings on each island, but Challenge and Sandbox players will be able to access the day/night cycle right away.
  • Larger capacities for feeders: Frontier has implemented larger capacity feeder types which also require players to resupply them less frequently. This doesn't apply to the game's goat feeders, though.
  • New contracts: players will have access to a range of new contracts, including selling dinosaurs with certain gene modifications or raising their infamy rating.
In addition to these major new features, a series of minor bug fixes and tweaks will also be part of Update 1.5 for Jurassic World Evolution. We'll have more news on this update once it's been released, as well as more details on the upcoming paid content.

Are you looking forward to Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.5? What changes do you think need to come to Jurassic World Evolution? Let us know in the comments below!

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