July's Humble Monthly Reveals Nine Games, Three Early Unlocks for August

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portal knights

Humble Bundle's monthly subscription service is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. Okay, so maybe that saying is a little corny, but it correlates perfectly with the random slew of video games subscribers unlock the first Friday of every month. June was a rollercoaster of good, bad, and in-between. Now we get a taste of what July has in store for monthly subscribers, along with the three early unlocks for August.

If you have an extra twelve bucks burning a hole in your wallet, you may want to invest early in August’s monthly bundle. Subscribers are allowed early access to the following titles: A Hat in Time, The Escapists 2, and the popular survival escapade Conan Exiles. Of course, doing so isn’t necessary whatsoever as July's Humble Monthly just sent subscribers nine unique titles to delve into.

The first game featured in July’s bundle is Forts. The basis of this physics-based experience involves building custom bases and annihilating their opponent’s creations. To add insult to injury, all of the chaos transpires in real-time. Yikes. Up next we have the Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest, accompanied by its Ragnarok DLC. Titan Quest provides epic quests for players with a side of badassery in conquering popular villains of Greek mythology. Customize your hero with up to 28 classes to choose from and explore the Ancient World in exquisite 3D detail.

titan quest
Titan Quest

Hearts of Iron IV is third in the Humble Monthly lineup. Fashion your thinking cap because this strategy game tests your ability of commanding any nation in World War II. Whether your nation succeeds or fails lies directly in the palm of your hands, so choose wisely. Check out our full review of Hearts of Iron IV here. Following, we have Blackwake which is solely a multiplayer first-person shooter, but on a boat equipped with super powerful canons. However, this FPS implicates the usage of teamwork to succeed, so make sure to round up some buddies to take on the seas.

Portal Knights is next in this month’s bundle, offering players a sandbox experience to pretty much craft and master whatever the heck they want. The world is your oyster. Invite some friends to join in on the adventure, too. The more, the merrier. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom follows suit as an indie action RPG enveloped in a captivating universe. Travel a world doomed to obliteration as you and your group of companions fight to save the day. You can read our overall thoughts of Shiness here.

July’s seventh installment is Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition. This turn-based strategy game requires you to undertake interplanetary wars by managing your planet’s infrastructure. By spying on enemies, gathering resources, and developing technologies, producing the perfect home planet truly isn’t a piece of cake. Up next we have a comical, yet incredibly stealthy, 2D action game set in the 1970s called Serial Cleaner. Your entire job relies on cleaning up murder scenes without leaving a trace of evidence behind. Morbid? Sure, but it’s also pretty clever if I’m going to be honest.

serial cleaner 7
Serial Cleaner

Our last game this month is Stumblehill, a Humble Original featuring a clumsy penguin in a cutesy adventure experience. In case you aren’t familiar with Humble Original titles, they are explicitly developed for Humble Monthly subscribers and allow developers to run wild with their imaginations.  Ecki, our penguin friend, must find a way to venture to the top of the mountain. With the trickiness of his clumsy disposition, he often stumbles along the way, adding a challenge to the classic platformer genre.

Along with July's bundle, two new games have been added to the Humble Trove. The Trove is basically another awesome perk of being a Humble Monthly subscriber in which you are granted access to a catalog of DRM-free games and previous Humble Originals. The Sexy Brutale and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs are this month’s additions, so make sure to check those out, too!

The more video games I add to my Steam library, the happier my heart becomes. If you want to expand your horizons within the video game universe, Humble Monthly is a great place to begin. Keep your eye open for a better look at these nine titles later this month and if you subscribe, play them and share your thoughts in our look later this month!

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What are your thoughts on July’s bundle? Which game are you most excited to experience? Let us know in the comments!

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