Judge of "The Game Awards" Says He Would Quit If Bayonetta Won

Bayonetta at The Game Awards

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Judge of "The Game Awards" Says He Would Quit If Bayonetta Won

December 6, 2014

By: Bryan Heraghty

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A judge on The Game Awards panel tweeted last night about his happiness that Bayonetta 2 did not win Game of the Year, and that he would have had to quit had it won.

Every judge has their personal tastes, but blatantly disliking of the game, or any game, may lead some gamers to wonder what the voting process had been like, and if the game stood a chance. Bayonetta 2, like Bayonetta 1, arrived this year within a controversial debate on her sexual imagery and place in the female gaming representation space. Some reviews even factored her sexuality into the final score.

The full list of judges can be seen here.

Kesten's tweet can be seen here.

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