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Published: April 13, 2017 5:50 PM /


Omega Quintet

Ghostlight Interactive has announced that they will be releasing Idea Factory’s game Omega Quintet for PC later this year. The game is a cross between a Japanese role-playing game and an idol simulation game which Idea Factory International released in Europe for PlayStation 4. Now the unique title will be available for a wider audience in the West on PC.

Omega Quintet
Magical idol girls fighting evil with the power of song!

In Omega Quintet an idol group called “Verse Maidens” must use their music to fight a mysterious evil that is overrunning the world.  The musical group is made up of five girls: Otoha, Kyoka, Kanadeko, Nene and Aria. With the help of their manager Takt the girls will have to give their best performance yet to save the world.

Following the idol theme, each battle is a performance for the Verse Maidens. Entering “Concert Mode” will give players an advantage in combat and will fill the “Voltage Gauge” more quickly. The Voltage Gauge will allow the singers to perform special skills. Each idol has their own unique skills and performing them in the right order will allow the group to deal devastating chains of attacks with the “Harmonics” system.

Omega Quintet
Just because they have the power of music doesn't mean they don't use weapons.

A crucial element of a cute idol group are their costumes and Omega Quintet includes customization of hair, clothes, and accessories. Unlock a normal performance though costume malfunctions are more likely while combating enemies. Taking a hit from an enemy attack can cause a “Costume Break” ruining the well thought out outfits and making idols more vulnerable to further damage.

The JRPG/ idol simulation will support multiple screen resolutions, Steam achievements, cloud saving, and players will have the choice of playing using either mouse and keyboard or a controller. Omega Quintet will be available on PC via Steam sometime in 2017.

Omega Quintet

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