John Romero's SIGIL DOOM Mod Delayed Until April

Published: February 19, 2019 4:22 PM /



In December 2018, famed game designer and DOOM co-creator John Romero revealed that he's been working on SIGIL, a brand-new mod for the original DOOM that'll be distributed for free if you don't fancy picking up one of the limited editions. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until April before playing it.

According to Romero's update, "there were a few snags in production trying to make sure everything is top-notch for fans! I just wanted to let everyone who purchased either the Big Box or the Beast Box know that it is now looking like it will ship sometime in April." This also means the free version of the "megawad" won't be available until April, too.


The megawad will be free to download, but players will need a registered copy of the original 1993 DOOM to play it. Additionally, if you're so inclined, you can pick up one of Limited Run's two fan boxes: the Standard Edition and the Beast Box. The SIGIL Standard Edition, which retails for $40, comes with a floppy-disk-themed USB drive that has the mod. For those who are less nostalgic, the box also comes with two CDs; one has the megawad on it, and the other has the soundtrack composed by guitarist Buckethead. To top it off, the box comes with two stickers.

The Beast Box comes with everything in the Standard Edition along with some other goodies, including a T-shirt, a coin, a statue of Romero’s head on a pike, and an art print signed by artist Christopher Lovell. Additionally, Lovell, known for his darker art style, created the design on both fan boxes. The original DOOM — which is crucial for playing the mod — isn’t packaged with either edition.

Whether you're looking to play it for free, or you've picked up one of the limited edition packages, you'll have to wait until April to experience brand new DOOM levels from John Romero in 2019.


What do you think? Will you be checking out SIGIL when it releases? Are you disappointed by the delay? Let us know in the comments!

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