JC2-MP to be releasing their biggest update yet

Published: November 9, 2015 11:15 AM /


JC2-MP to be releasing their biggest update yet featured image v2

The developers behind the popular mod for Just Cause 2 that enables Multiplayer, named JC2-MP, will come out this Wednesday with a massive update for their mod. The mod has been on the rise since it was officially recognized, and is now downloadable from Steam for free for owners of Just Cause 2. And with new content it shows that even if Just Cause 3 is appearing on the horizon, their efforts are not ending.

JC2-MP to be releasing their biggest update yet civilians

The update has a wide range, beginning with basic things such as enabling 34 civilian models for use, new achievements, supporting more languages and a renewed Main Menu that allows you to conveniently access your favorite servers.

JC2-MP to be releasing their biggest update yet new achievements

But more advanced features have been added as well. Scripters are now able to now create their own client-side NPC's. You can now also use a GameRender event for depth-tested rendering in the game world. A vast array of example scripts have been shared as well such as Jetpacks, companions, submarines, and more. Many of the features that aren't highlighted but simply listed are of a sort that scripters can probably use the best.

JC2-MP to be releasing their biggest update yet example scripts

Beyond that, a number of bugfixes will be implemented as well. Movement sync has been improved along with the streamer code being cleaned up, intent on reducing the amount of server crashes. And then a number of other fixes are also included that probably don't mean much to regular users but may possibly prove invaluable to in-depth scripters and modders.

Update 0.2 for JC2-MP seems to be an update to improve the mod's quality of life. Something that should always be applauded. With Just Cause 3 on the Horizon, it may prove perfect to warm up the fans with a dose of familiar carnage, before they dive in the sequel with a fresh batch of chaos and carnage.

Think this may be enough to get you to (re)try the Multiplayer mod?


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